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Heart Lake Used Auto Parts is Brampton’s One Stop Shop for Auto Repair

If your car or small truck is not running properly or damaged, bring it in to Heart Lake Used Auto Parts.


Our Certified Professionals Will Tend to Your Vehicle

We have licensed mechanics on staff to install the parts that you purchase and to do what’s necessary to get your automobile working properly again.

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The repair services we offer include:

•  Installation of parts sold from our yard, including mufflers, exhaust systems and catalytic converters

•  Welding and fabrication

•  Repairs to all makes and models


Free Towing is Offered for Cars Requiring More Attention

If it’s in need of major repairs and you can’t bring it to us, we’ll tow your vehicle to our shop for free.


In Some Cases, Selling Your Car if Preferable to Having It Repaired

If your car is not worth fixing or you simply no longer want it, we’ll buy it from you! Get the details here.

Check out our inventory.
Get directions to our shop.
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