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Get Cash for Your Vehicle from Heart Lake Used Auto Parts

Whether it’s beyond repair or not, Heart Lake used Auto Parts offers insured removal and transportation of your vehicle.


When you sell us your wrecked or broken down vehicle for salvage, we’ll make sure that it’s taken off the road, and that the title is transferred from your name to ours.


Let Us Take Care of the Red Tape

We’ll handle all the necessary legal paperwork filing through the Ministry of Transport, so you don’t have to.


If your car or truck is determined to be no longer serviceable, all dismantling, prepping and crushing of the vehicles is done on site.


Protect yourself against fraud and unscrupulous buyers!

As a courtesy to our web visitors, we offer the following suggestions about how to ensure your financial and legal well-being if you’re thinking of selling your vehicle:

•  Ask to see credentials

•  Sell to an OMVIC registered and licensed dealer

•  Know who you’re selling to


The benefits of selling your car or small truck to a dealer licensed by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry

Council include:

•  You won’t be fooled by unscrupulous curbsiders who are unlicensed, uninsured or leave ownership

    records unchanged

•  It won’t result in an abandoned vehicle being left in your name

•  It protects you from third party law suits and liability from undocumented sales

•  It keeps you from unknowingly selling your unfit vehicle to an unsuspecting consumer

•  It will save you a sellers package fee

•  You will avoid ticket and fine liability

•  Dealer confirmation is easily verified at

•  OMVIC registered dealers agree to be environmentally responsible


Heart Lake Used Auto Parts is an OMVIC licensed dealer!


To arrange for us to pick up your scrap vehicle, please contact us today!

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